• Hollywood Single Beds and Double Standards

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  • 年代:1980
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简介:Hollywood (also known as Hollywood: A Celebration of the American Silent Film) is a 1980 documentary series produced by Thames Television which explored the establishment and development of the Hollywood studios and its impact on 1920s culture. The series consists of thirteen one hour episodes, with each episode dealing with a specific aspect of Hollywood history. The actor James Mason, an enthusiast of the period, supplied the narration; a lilting score was contributed by Carl Davis.Episodes: (1) The Pioneers; (2) In the Beginning; (3) Single Beds and Double Standards; (4) Hollywood Goes To War; (5) Hazard of the Game; (6) Swanson and Valentino; (7) The Autocrats; (8) Comedy - A Serious Business; (9) Out West; (10) The Man With the Megaphone; (11) Trick of the Light; (12) Star Treatment; (13) End of an Era.本套纪录片第三集,这套纪录片可参考原豆瓣纪录:

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